Specialty License Plate


Support the YMCA's mission in Missouri communities by displaying the YMCA specialty plate on your vehicle!

Be one of the first 200 to submit a completed application and support the YMCA's mission with a Missouri YMCA specialty plate on your vehicle!

To purchase a YMCA specialty license plate, submit the following to your local YMCA:

  • An annual contribution of $25 check made to The Missouri State Alliance of YMCAs. If you qualify for a two-year license registration, a $50 minimum donation must be made to the Y;
  • Annual DOR $15 plate fee ($30 for two years) check made to the Missouri Department of Revenue; and
  • A completed application for personalized license plates (DOR 1716)

Upon receipt of a checkwe will send you:

  • Your logo use authorization statement (donation receipt)


  • The State of Missouri will begin printing YMCA Speciality Plates Once we have submitted 200 completed applications.
  • DOR will notify you by mail when your plates are available for pickup at your local license office. All questions about processing your application should be directed to DOR. Contact your local Missouri Department of Revenue (DOR) license office for more information.

Just so you know:

  • You may order YMCA plates at any time regardless of your current license plate expiration date; however, all YMCA plates will be assigned a July renewal date, and DOR will prorate any fees accordingly.
  • If you currently have personalized plates, your message can be transferred to the YMCA plates.
  • For a personal message, YMCA plates allow 6 characters for regular plates, 5 characters for motorcycle plates & 4 characters for disabled plates.
  • Whether applying for or renewing YMCA plates, an annual DOR $15 personalized plate fee is assessed. If renewing for two years, $30 will be assessed.

Thank you for supporting the Y!